September 9th, 2010

Gig at Camden Rock

Gig at Camden Rock Turned out to be a bit of a surprise gig - we were book to do half hour headline set but the ban before us decided not to play so all of a sudden there was a lot of time to fill!  So, we got to play for a whole hour - how good was that :)  J hadn't brought his acoustic guitar so there was some improvisation for the slower numbers but a good time was had by all.

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Hello our WangFamily how are doing all over the World? but I would believe that you are doing well as, and one thing is very ipotrms We better know careful at this time guys, We better stop support people a little bit why because We would understanding for Really so look In, all Wang people or youngest generation of Wang in South Sudan or Nasir country No one have to say I will be the commissioner like others people they would leader us always how? or why not? and why We would like to followed people alway so for Me, We better thinking about that point guys If you are understand what I, mean so in coming up 2015, I would will like to hearing a person from you guys and I will be happy because I'm very tired for what We was doing always to support our people like you guys it's not good as well and look alway what the others people Did with Wang people always If We would need help from others people sometime they tell's us We can help you guys and the next day the sam people they came back to you guys to Asking you because they would need help from you So you guys Never say No We can not do that why? so that point We better change for sure thank you God bless our Nation of WangFamily as well as.
Hello Maggie Thanks for following my blog! You have such a great sense of style I look fwoarrd to seeing what new magic you conjure from your closets!
Hey Jeff was just poking arnuod looking at unopened e-mails and ran across yours (I always read prayer letters that come in the snail-mail box , every word because I remember the effort I put into them) however the e-mail letters are somewhat hit and miss. I applaud you on your book, I will need a personally autographed one. [url=]qvxoghhcbh[/url] [link=]ebzrdmhokxy[/link]
you had become a mitivatoonal speacker and a lead coach .i was wondering who could this be When i put my voice on behalf of my wife reference her aarti plate you sent a message. I did not realise this is who pradeep mentioned the few days before. At first i felt grat positive spirit from what you wrote and my mum said your positivity is so great and that what you had wrote was similiar to the meditation we do. i thought let me check out your profile only then i realised wow it opened up a new chapter for me inspired me just by watching some of what you do on you tube and reading about what happened and how you bounced you reminded me of my greatest inspiration Anthony Robbins thogh it seems you are actually living the dream I think what you do and what you have done is great .I cannot wait to get a hand on your book as i feel we have problems and people around us though what you have been through is amazing.I liked your bit about recieving emails and not to get angry as it is just a life full of events and that we put so much emotions behind it. you are brilliant.digging deeper your brother inlaw took my first wedding photos and then digging deeper i believe you are related to my brother inlaw in london Rajen Solanki and my sister Sunita solanki ..I remember you used to look after the morchi Hall in Birmingham and you may have known my cousin Sandeep Champeneri in birmingham who appently passed away in 2012 at the age of 30 .i really fell there is some link from this and i just had to write this email as i feel you have opened many doors by the positve bounce back did you attend any seminers or courses and who is your mentor because i am so glad to see we have someone in our community with great spirit..well done Vinay ..RegardsSanjay Parmar
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about fuck it. Regards


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