December 4th, 2010

Worlds End

Well didn't we have a great night, thanks as always to all of you that came, good to see lots of new faces :)  You could feel the build-up to Xmas had started, all the shops full on with the old favourites blaring out, Xmas lights going up everywhere and of course - bloody freeeeeeeeeezing!  If you look closely you can see we're still in Movember mode.

The Lester Clayton band - spot any similarities!

Our 60's look - what ya reckon?

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Cheers pal. I do appriecate the writing.
Hi Toni.I'm glad you found this interesting.I read your arltice about hell (not out of interest, but just to be polite), and regardless of what the bible meant, (and I take issue with claims that the bible shouldn't be taken literally for starters), is that I find the idea of god' accepting people who believe in him into heaven' as repugnant.I believe in doing the right thing because I care about others in the world around me who are affected by my actions and inactions. I don't believe in doing the right thing for the sake of getting into heaven' or for receiving karma' (which I know isn't a Christian thing, but just saying).If we have true empathy and compassion and a conscience, then reward and punishment should have nothing to do with our actions in the case of adults.Likewise, it rubs me the wrong way that god' is like some jealous lover, who will supposedly only reward those who are on his team'. Never mind if you aren't on his team but are a really good person. I have read the bible when I went to bible club and youth group (when I was trying to make sense of it myself). I don't any longer want to learn what it says, so I find it odd that you recommend that I read it if I want to learn what it says. I think this post, and others written on the subject, make it excruciatingly clear that I have no interest in that. Sure, I do have a passing interest when I see adult Christians believing in this stuff, and it baffles and amazes me, but that's vastly different to actually seeking answers at this point in my life. I know the Christian scriptures aren't true.So, with all that in mind, why harp on it? Why continue to encourage me to seek answers' to questions I don't have? Hey, we all know how to buy a bible. We all know where to find a church. We all have Christian friends. If we want the answers', we can seek it ourselves or ask someone. I think it's rude when Christians don't wait until they're asked, to be honest.Sharon recently posted.. 0 likes
I bow down humbly in the presence of such grnsteeas. [url=]rkbczhuafe[/url] [link=]rdznnxapwb[/link]
Just to chime in here in general I don't think I would do a whole year of princheag in one book. It's very difficult to have people sustain in one book of scripture on a sunday morning in this way and there's a reason almost no christian or even non-Christian traditions skip around for a more broad focus on scriptures.There's also a reason that some of those who notably did very long series early in their princheag (Paul Hontz did that in Job for like 44 weeks, and Rob Bell did a full year on Leviticus to launch Mars Hill) don't stick with it. It's not very sustainable. And in some ways it can be a princheag stunt that I don't know we should try to pull.HOWEVER to speak out of the other side of my mouth many of our churches get super-topical and less scriptural over time, so the idea of doing a very long (half-year, full year) series on a book can shock a church back into it's focus on scripture in princheag, and shock a preacher likewise. For that purpose, it can be very useful.
A few thoughts on your qeuitson of redundancy in the Psalms.1. Even if you preach through the Psalms for 1 year you will only preach 1/3 of the Psalms. This allows for careful selection to cover all the themes without too much repetition.2. It often takes more than one sermon for a theme to really take root in the life of a congregation. It is the preacher's task to bring to life similar passages in fresh ways.3. I would probably not actually spend an entire year on the Psalms (though it's tempting). Dave lays out good reasons below. I did once preach from the Psalms for about 10 straight weeks, seeking to cover representative Psalms that opened the congregation to the rhythm of life found in the Psalms. It was an important time of spiritual development for both me and the congregation. [url=]iohzkgrz[/url] [link=]fekxbsyk[/link]
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