March 3rd, 2010


Well it's taken us a lot longer than we thought it would but how great was that!  We got the bass and drums for 8 tracks down pretty quickly then chose the best 4 to go the rest of the way with.  We recorded everything live - no click, so we kept the vibe we have live.

The Way are very much in tune with the way we want to do things, it's not like we think other peeps are wrong for doing what they do but what suits us is the natural feel, the groove.  With an old 70's Neve board they found in a shed in Sweden and the orig Neumann mics and 2" tape etc. the studio gives a fantastic ambiance and depth that really comes across - even in an mp3!

What really took the time was trying all the ideas we had for BV's.  Luke (engineer and producer of the Butterly kind) got us all to do 3 takes at various distances from the mic and in different places in the studio.  With 4 of us doing vocals that was a hell of a lot of tracks!  It does give the record a fullness and a richness that was worth the effort.

The final piece of the jigsaw was getting in Ryan and Michael to do the horns on Anyhow and More Than.  This was something J had had in his mind all along and it just tops things off perfectly.

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Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brighteend my day!
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