About the band

Sudanese PlayboysThe Sudanese Playboys are as culturally exotic and diverse as their quirky name suggests. They bring together influences from these island shores, the Middle East the Caribbean sun and Celtic mists to create a unique Indie Groove feel. While the band pedals their syncopated soul rhythms, Mem's streaming guitar licks provide a perfect counter melody to the catchy but profound songs. They pull no punches in expressing their experiences and beliefs and with the release of their new Raised on Alcohol EP they invite you to join them on their crusade.

Sudanese PlayboysThey were formed in 2008 by J and Mem in the trendy paradise of Palmers Green, just north of the 406. They met, as many musicians have, at the well known Lester Clayton nights at T Birds, Finsbury Park. Here they played alongside the likes of Lol from The Education, Murray McDonald, Ed Sheeran and the big LC himself. Through T Birds and LC they teamed up with percussionist 'Big Daddy' Steve who's distinctive vocals are much in evidence on Raised on Alcohol. The SP's remain paradise based and can often be seen at venues in the area.
Their first release was a promo single feat. the tracks Dream - a political statement, Go - a song about the joys of snowboarding and a haunting acoustic version of Tired. The boys now perform Tired live as an up-tempo Ska number that ranks with College Classes as one to get you jumpin around!

Sudanese PlayboysAs their logo suggests, the boys are fighting for their music. With the advent of the internet and downloads, restrictive fire regulations, home recording, home publishing and a fast changing world, the music industry is in turmoil. Record companies no longer make money as they used to from record sales and the promotion of new bands (hence the re-packaging of every old band that can still walk - just). One venue after another is downsizing to acoustic/open mic nights where bands must provide their own promotion and beer drinking fans to keep the places afloat.

Sudanese PlayboysRising from this The Sudanese Playboys are forging a new independent path. They have embarked on a journey of guerilla tactics, assailing the old established norms and taking full control of their music. At The Way Studios they have found the quality normally associated with a bygone era and major label millions.

As can be heard on their new EP, by using genuine old school equipment (Neve desk a la Abby Rd and the Beatles, 50's Neumann U57 etc.) they have been able to return to the days of true Hi-Fi, a sound, enhanced but not compromised by computers - for all their value and brilliance.
Sudanese PlayboysJ from the band says "it's been a fantastic experience working with people who share our dreams and passions and have the ability to deliver". The Playboys are looking forward to the official launch party of the new EP in central London. Watch this space for details and get on board for a magical journey :)