College Classes

Jammin with Joe
The things he could show, about life
Chances we missed
Girls we could kiss, all night
Stinking of beer, I wanna hear guitar
Robin the bank, the bandit at the bar

Ch/ x2
(All day long we're)
Jumpin around
We're tryin to see the System of a Down
We're jumpin around
We're puttin on the old kings crown

Everything cracked
The scoobies we snacked, at your door
Friends that we made
When nobody stayed, to do more
Starting to hear the Darkroom Robot noise
Thinking about Reason and her toys

Mid 8/
What you got to say about it
We, wanna wear, the old kings crown
We, wanna be, the hero looking down
We wanna wear............ the old kings crown
We wanna be................ the hero looking down