I went out with a girl who was never satisfied with what she was or whatever she was doing. I tried to tell her it didn't matter.
And if I say to you We could be sailing on the sea We could be rounding on a breeze Through the Jacaranda trees All on a fairytale Of a million dollar bill All on a rolling wave Of a tide of bagatelle Ch/ Oh, but it don't matter anyhow No, it don't matter anyhow. It don't matter, it don't matter anyhow If every drop of gold Fell as rain into your hands Just grains of running sand Like jewels along the strand The pearls that fill your heart Lift you up and let you down Your swirls of satin whorls Brush the night without a sound Mid8/ From the moment that we met From the minute that you said I'll be going home one day Who has the life to light my way
Raised on Alcohol
Just what the title says really, images of growing up against a background of alcohol. I don't get when people say drugs and alcohol, like they're different, like alcohol isn't a drug.
It really brings the law and law makers into disrepute, it makes asses of them which ultimately isn't good for any of us (unless you're up for livin in an anarchist world - guess for some we are already.

Personally I'd legalise everything for adults. Way I see it is if you're an adult, supposedly capable of making your own choices and being responsible for yourself, you should have the right to choose - like with life and death but don't get me onto that one! Just think of all the money we'd save on policing drug crime - there'd be none, it would cut crime by I don't know how much - how good would that be? All the money saved would pay for great education about drug use and decent help for those who fall foul of drug use. They're all drugs, lets start being honest!
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Saved me from inside Stories I can’t hide Threw me high and low Threw me high and low Words I spoke alone Lovers left to roam But you'll never know You’ll never know Saw the naked sky Love is on the rise But we’re so lonely We’re so lonely Ch/ Racing with nowhere to go (raised on alcohol) Movies we make as we grow (raised on alcohol) Time of your life heaven knows (raised on alcohol) Wheels are turning free Faster than I see But Sunday scorched your soul It scorched you soul Blew a kiss to you Loved but underused And it kills me It thrills me Taught me how to cry Poetry and lies Angels talk to me They talk to me Ch/ Racing with nowhere to go (raised on alcohol) Movies we make as we grow (raised on alcohol) Time of your life heaven knows (raised on alcohol) Break Movies we make as we grow Time of your life heaven knows
Ever been snowboarding? - Go, do it, grab whatever chance you get, learn till you can venture off piste into fresh powder and fly.......... Next to sex it's the most wonderful feelin you can get. It really is like you're flying, like you're on one of those space age skate boards in cartoons that don't need wheels, they just hover in space. Add that to the awesome scenery and some fresh mountain air and ya can't help but be in heaven
Go Feels like a fire burning Wish my head was made for learning Now I know it is returning Ch/ Yeah, so I let it go Motion is a forward knowing Ally oop I watch you growing Riding high and feel it flowing Ch/ Yeah, when you let it go Yeah, when you let it go Break 1/ Do what you dare don't you Know I don't care When you go Down the pipe I know I could say I'm alive, I think, I repay Everyday it comes up my way Ch/ Yeah, so I let it go 1/ Ch/ Yeah when you let it go Break 2/ Take to the air and I Do what I dare when I go See for yourself whether No body else ever knows Go
My political beliefs are strong but they're mine and I don't wish to ram them down anyone's throat so I'm not gonna tell what these lyrics mean, just that that's what they're about. You'll have to see what you reckon for yourself :)
Dream First you live and then you die And your flames won't touch the sky You can rise and you can fall And tomorrow when she comes will see it all Looking for the writing on the wall Searching for a tale that says it all Ch1/ Oh darling don't you want me Darling don't you leave me Darling don't you walk the way Of every child before Ch2/ Coz you know That life Is but a dream Yeah you know That life Is but a dream I am tall when I sit down And I grow when I look around I am rich though I am poor I am stronger though I'm weaker than before How can you believe in what you saw What am I to do when I want more Ch1/ Ch2/ Break It's a dream, a dream I believe And it's blowing like the wind through the trees It's flowing like the water to the sea And I'm gonna let it wash all over me Break So you live and then you die And your flames won't touch the sky How can you believe in what you saw What am I to do when I want more
Lazy Love
Doesn't need much explanation this one!
Lazy Love Took me by surprise So much relies, on me Everything I do I want to be true, and free Days in bed The things in my head, are all new So if you don't mind You're takin too much time And I'm through with the things that I don't wanna do Ch/ (And) All I want is lazy love, tonight Come and give me lazy love, tonight Got to go to work But work don't work, for me Another 50 years It's gonna end in tears, I can see It don't matter who There's always someone new, on at me You clean up the house Be quiet as a mouse Well I'm through with the things that I don't wanna do I never asked for this I only want a lazy kiss
Sleep Emily
Seems to be unfashionable to be a bloke these days, to have testosterone and do things in an instinctively male way. Personally, I think it's a problem not to value and actively promote these things. Anyone agree?
Sleepy Emily Somebody told me I should look and see All of the apples falling off the tree But I don't care about the things I see I wanna be the man I am I wouldn't go to a lonely priest Don't wanna sing like a bird released I gotta heart that belongs to a beast I wanna be the man I am Ch/ Sleepy Emily I wanna warn you about me Sleepy Emily I wanna warn you about me How many times must you make me say I wanna be getting on my way You wanna crucify somebody today I wanna be the man I am (So) come here and take me as I am Stop putting roses in a can You wanna think that I give a damn I wanna be the man I am Ch/ Break/ I'm growing up I'll send you flowers If you want I'll send you more You better let me in I'm knocking at your door
This is an aspirational song about being the best you can. If you don't then there's always a part of you that's disappointed with yourself and leaves you at least a bit unhappy.
It's not easy to do all the time but if you're aware that it is what you need to be doing most of the time I think you're on the road to a happy life :)
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Fly Up ahead of the wind Shine Brighter than you can see Sail away from here and you'll disappear Climb To the top of the world Live With more than your heart Sail away from here and you'll disappear Sail away from here and you'll disappear Ch/ Can you see what you've been missing Honey bees and honey kissing All the things that you've been wishing It's a long way home Dream In a bed full of stars Rise High above what you are Sail away from here and you'll disappear Sail away from here and you'll disappear
College Classes
This is a song about me and Mem doing music at college, not that we knew each other then but seems we had much the same experiences. We both met some great people and it's good to know quite a few have kept up with things and gone on to do better and better (check out for eg – go Anth).
It's great when you're learning new stuff every time you go in, some of it's just messin around but you bounce ideas of each other and you see what others do and think – oh yeah that's good, I could nick that!!
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College Classes Jammin with Joe The things he could show, about life Chances we missed Girls we could kiss, all night Stinking of beer, I wanna hear guitar Robin the bank, the bandit at the bar Ch/ x2 (All day long we're) Jumpin around We're tryin to see the System of a Down We're jumpin around We're puttin on the old kings crown Everything cracked The scoobies we snacked, at your door Friends that we made When nobody stayed, to do more Starting to hear the Darkroom Robot noise Thinking about Reason and her toys Mid 8/ What you got to say about it We, wanna wear, the old kings crown We, wanna be, the hero looking down We wanna wear............ the old kings crown We wanna be................ the hero looking down
It's only fairly recently I realised I was a commitment phobe in relationships, so I tried to do something about it. I met a girl and thought, yeah, this is the one, I'm gonna do it and this is the song about how it began.
Never gonna live without it Never gonna fade away All the love I'm thinkin of Sitting in a sunny day, sunny day All it was a time of wonder All it was a hand in mine What we need is hard to find Lookin for a light to shine, light to shine Ch/ Always had a mind to call you baby Walk along the corners of the world Always had a mind to call you baby Tell you bout the stories of a girl, of a girl Really was a new beginning Really was a heart attack Conceit takes a look at you When you're not looking back, looking back
Little Supreme
I wrote this with my mate Roger about inaction over global warming. I hope world leaders step back from the brink in time. There are some good signs but there are plenty of bad ones too! I'd like to thank all those activists that go out and fight causes like this on my behalf while I sit around writing songs.
Little Supreme My little supreme, I wanna tell you something My heart is ablaze and my head is thumping I wouldn’t believe in a month of Sundays But up in the trees the wind is blowing my way Two ways the view Ch/ I need your eyes to know I want your lips to show I need your heart to say You live your dreams this way Face of a rainbow did the sun design you Set in a picture would I be beside you I’m thinking aloud while the sun is waking Will you smile in tune with the world I’m making It’s all for you Ch/ Break/ I'll never be this way again It's almost time to say goodbye I'll never be this way again And you know you're the reason why
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